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Long Code Dehradun

Long Code in Dehradun

Long code is a 10 digit number just like a mobile phone number which enables two way communications between the clients and the customers. It is used for value added services like getting feedbacks, voting and polling, lead generation, results of the examinations and a lot more. Two types of long code are available such as dedicated and shared long code. Shared long code works with unique keywords which are assigned to the long code number. When a person sends a message with the following keyword which is assigned to you, you will get an automatic reply that is set by the client. Dedicated numbers are assigned to a particular person and are not used by multiple users. You can take your own choice of number and get unlimited keywords or sub keywords.

Using the long code service by bulk sms in Dehradun you will get leads and gain profit in business. It helps you to establish your company and helps in brands recognition which increases value in the market. Voice sms service provider offers you maximum benefits at a minimum rate. Long is therefore a fine choice for the enterprises. Contact bulk sms in Dehradun for further details.

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